This lovely saddle comes with a PolyFlexTree and is made in the EU!

PFT stands for flexible POLYFLEXTREE!  

This special designed tree is threedimensional flexible and because of this able to move along with the horses motions.

Beside that it offers a very good pressure distribution.

Our classic GP saddle made of finest iatlian leather. It offers you a super comfortable seat and a very good pressure distribution due to its wide panels. The gullet plate can be changed very easily, so that the Alicante can be fitted and adjusted again and again and again.


  • Short girth straps 
  • Seat: 16“-18,5“, and the Maximus sizes 1,2 and 3 
  • Flexible plastic tree 
  • Easy-to-flock panels (synt. wool) 
  • Wide surface 
  • Detachable knee blocks (diff. sizes available) 
  • Changeable gullet plate, 28-36 
  • Seat: deep or halfdeep 
  • Also perfect for short horses  
  • Handcrafted within E.U. our of best italian leather 
  • Length of flaps: 49 cm 
  •   Specials
  • Many leather colours 
  • Threedimensionally flexible saddletree 

1 790,00 €
Hidalgo Alicante PFT

Hidalgo Alicante PFT

  • Hidalgo Alicante PFT
  • Hidalgo Alicante PFT
  • Hidalgo Alicante PFT

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(Hidalgo Venice PFT)