Toimitusaika n. 3 kk.

The "SPIRIT" – pure artwork! Made in Germany out of high quality french leather the SPIRIT is a true masterpiece. This saddle is exclusively handcrafted with highest precision and best knowledge by our upholsterer. The stitching and the applications out of carbon make this saddle to a rare unicum. Every saddle is highly individual and guarantees a high and unique comfort for every rider!

Please choose between the different versions of the saddle to get more information like weight and length.

Size: 17“ Lenght 46 cm, 18 " 48 cm

Front arch: 34 (standard) or 32 (tight), 36 (wide)

Filling: Latex

Girthsystem: Change System for short or long girth

Saddle-tree: Soft Swing

Colour: black

Weight: 5,5 kg

Every saddle is shipped inclusive a saddlecover.

3 600,00 €
Top reiter Spirit

Top reiter Spirit