EDIX® treeless riding, a way to more mutual feeling between you and your horse.

EDIX® saddles: a new brand, a new company for treeless saddles, born from the passion of Sylvia Edixhoven, who has become more and more interested in treeless saddles with her work within FRA®. The basis of EDIX® saddles lies in the FRA® treeless collection, which has been used for many years with knowledge and experience.

Treeless saddles received little attention in the past and with that they were for a long time "the underprivileged child" in the total of the saddle market.

Developments in the area of technology and optics in combination with the user comfort of the treeless saddle have gained momentum in recent years, resulting in this saddle developing into an alternative to the traditional tree saddle. Last but not least, the trend towards the general, growing need to deal with horses in a different way plays a major role. In this other way of contact we become more and more aware of how we deal with our horses and have to deal with them.

A completely treeless saddle has the unique property of being able to adapt to the anatomy of horse and rider. Constructed by means of various soft flexible different layers of distinctive materials, the treeless saddle, you and your horse offers a more mutual feeling. From this mutual feeling, also called "close contact", an almost invisible communication can be built, where horse and rider become one in movement and togetherness.


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