EDIX Yasir, joustorunkoinen koulusatula



EDIX Yasir, joustorunkoinen koulusatula

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Joustorunkoinen koulusatula, pehmeä runko joka muotoutuu hevosen selän mukaan ja antaa hevoselle lisää liikkumavapautta.

Leveä selkärangantila.

Satulassa on vaihdettavat etukaaret, koko setti tulee satulan mukaan.

Valmistettu pehmeästä ja notkeasta nahasta.

Todella mukava, syvä istuin missä kunnon vyötärö, joka vähentää rasitusta ratsastajan lonkille.

Villatopatut paneelit (synteettistä villaa). Monoflap. Kiinteät polvituet.

Lyhyt satula! Paneelien pituus 16,5" - 40 cm, 17"- 42 cm, 17,5" - 44cm, 18" - 46cm.

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EDIX® Yasir, treeless dressage saddle
Made of high-quality supple Turkish soft leather and with its stunning guilted saddle flap the EDIX® Yasir is a feast for the eyes. The Yasir dressage saddle offers a comfortable deep and balanced seat, with luxurious mono saddle flaps ensuring an optimum leg contact. The high thigh blocks are positioned to give the rider support and at the same time space for the rider’s knees to move more freely, to ensure to give aids more easily. The saddle has soft leather panels filled with synthetic wool, offering a wide channel for free movement of the spine and correct pressure distribution. The EDIX® Yasir features comfortable mono flap ensuring an optimal leg contact. 

The EDIX® Yasir soft tree dressage saddle is technically a fully treeless saddle due the lack of a solid tree. The EDIX® soft tree saddles are built of different flexible soft shock absorbing layers and synthetic wool filled panels, which fully adapt to the horse’s anatomy and riders’ posture. Due to this construction the EDIX® Yasir soft tree dressage saddle offers the rider a narrower and more balanced seat and still features superb flexibility and spinal clearance for movement of the horse. The front gussets have a stabilizing built-in strap and are stitched for an extremely stable saddle position. The EDIX® Yasir saddle is designed as a standalone saddle. By the lack of a solid tree the
flexible materials allow that the saddle fully adapt to the horse’s anatomy you horse changes shape due growth or muscle development from freedom of movement and correct training. With the exchangeable gullet plate system and the refillable panels the saddle is easily any further adaptable. In addition there is the possibility to correct temporary saddle position with a special treeless 8-pocket saddle pad.

The EDIX® Y-girthing system, with a base of two front girth straps and a third Y-girth strap, achieves greater strength, durability and improves the distribution of pull from the front and back of the saddle to increase comfort and saddle stability. Distinctive from many other dressage saddles the stirrup bar connection of the EDIX® Yasir is positioned more centrally of the saddle seat. This is to support correct leg position and helps to reduce pressure on the knees.


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